top of page is the author site for (who woulda thunk) W. Brian Coles, also known as, (gulp!) just Brian Coles, depending on the company he keeps. His playground is independent sci-fi, humor and musings on the stuff we all love with the occasional, marginally offensive doodle thrown in the eyes of the unsuspecting. He encourages you to drop by and comment or contact him (he doesn't bite but may playfully gnaw at you)!  Join his email list and get FREE STUFF as it becomes available!

I remember we had a table right next to Man vs Rock's at 2014's Long Beach Comic Con in September. We purchased some issues and passed it between one another, laughing hysterically. Please check this book out, because the humor and the art is amazing and I can't say there is anything else out there quite like this!

Publishing an independent title and promoting it at conventions often leads to meeting several others in the same boat. The beauty of it all is that there is always a great comraderie and support. Featured here are some of our fellow indy writers, artists and geeks all striving to bring our ideas and labors to your hands!

John Hopper works long, thankless hours at “FishWorld” (a SeaWorld-like theme park based out of San Diego). Even with his assistant manager position, he’s forced to share a 3-bedroom apartment with his friends/teammates Sarah, Eddie and Anne. The dregs of 9-5 gigs and the mundane existence of day to day life is only half the battle, as the real battle take place in the streets of San Diego. Slinging comics or boomerangs? Dicing onions or criminals? Bussing tables, or busting heads? Solving math or murders? All of the above. It’s going to be a long day.


 Ok, so we stole that description from them.


The 2nd Shift is a great read, created by Scott Lost & Eburonson, some of the nicest guys (and former pro wrestlers) you will ever meet. If you find yourself at a comic con, screw everything else, go see these guys

and buy thier books!

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