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The Poverty Appendecies is an free online comic series that answers oddities and addresses anomolies you may have had questions to with Poverty Pack or Poverty Thrill Adventures. These short stories will fill in those gaps as well as shed new light on ones you may not have been aware of. If you have any questions that you would like to see rectified, please contact us here, and we will work at getting you the answers through this format. Enjoy!


Why does Brown Wristband wear that costume? Find out by clicking the image above!
It's the Holiday Season, but the Pack feels wack, since they are all too poor to celebrate Christmas. But all that is about to change when they get an unexpected visit from...?
Brown Wristband conjures up the nerve to ask Willy Johnson out for Valentine's Day.
But dear Willis has a little
trouble with his, uh, wiring.
Click above to find out why!
Has it been a year already? Well kids, Uncle Krampus is back with a Christmas Tale that will warm your heart and roast your bottom!
Click the above cover!
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