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Set in the city formerly known as Golden Megalopolis, Run Down City is home to a number of crimefighters, superhumans, robots and other anthromorphic characters. Plagued with an impending recession, the metropolis teeters on the brink from the ravages of a large wave of supervillain activty, with little in their way but a hand-full of poor protectors.

Poverty Pack follows

the exploits of

Golden Megalopolis' remaining Super Heroes who face hard times in a city-wide recession. Banding together, they form a coalition to uphold justice while hatching new schemes to fund their ongoing heroic crusades.

This anthology series tells the tales of the individual character's origins and misadventures from Poverty Pack. Witness the birth of Golden Megalopolis' most famed crime fighters, from their humble their humbling success!

Discover the unanswered questions to your favorite character's from Poverty Pack!

Explore uncharted territory simply not important enough to put in our books! And do it all here online!

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