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Real Name: Gidget Florrie

Nickname: The Copper-Toned Crusader

Occupation: Righteous defender of the people


Abilities: with her mystical wristband given to her by the Monks of Charity, Gidget can create force fields, fly, create objects and manipulate all objects that are colored brown to her advantage, so please do not engage her near a pile of poop.


Bio: Gidget Florrie was always interested in helping the less fortunate, and would do so by organizing charities and fund-raisers. After witnessing Matt Marshall's transformation into Street Sweepah, Gidget was inspired to further her crusade to assist the struggling people of the world. After school, she became a social worker and a fund-raiser organiser. But a crooked employer nearly killed her while pursuing his own selfish endeavors and she was saved by a band of mysterious monks. Now, imbued with the power of her brown rubber bracelet, Gidget becomes "the Brown Wristband"!







Real Name: Rodderick Foreman

Nickname: The Authoritive Authority of Orders

Occupation:  Self-proclaimed Team Leader


Abilities: Roddy uses his demeaning and assertive tone to command the team to justice. That's really all he does...


Bio: Rodderick was always taking charge since he was very young.

He's worn numerous hats: Team captain on all sports teams in school,

Grand Falcon Scoutsman in the Raptor Rangers, Master Dog Trainer,

and Manager at Burritos Baratos. Having these numerous accolades under his belt, Roddy assumed the role of the ultimate voice of justice and took it upon himself to become "Captain Commander". 







Real Name: Bryce Byrd

Nickname: The Fearless Fowl

Occupation: Righteous defender of the people


Abilities: Bryce has average physical strength for one who has undergone self defense, limited parqour, and school yard punishment.

He uses his "Pigeon Poop Pellets", a strong epoxy he created, as a way to entrap criminals.


Bio: One of the younger crime-fighters in Run-Down City, Black Pigeon uses his training from his days as a prototege of the Super Hero Trio Aphro Physt to fight for people's rights. He originates from Desparia Heights but spent most of his schooling in Little France. He prefers to work cases alone, but is often inconveinced by the presence of Street Sweepah.









Real Name: Bookman Enabled Electronic Brain Library-Educated Sidekick

Nickname: Watson-on-Wheels

Occupation: Team Skeptic


Abilities: B.E.E.B.L.E.S. is a literal Swiss-army knife of gadgets. Most notable are his Telescoping Neck, Flash-Beam Eyes, Head-Hammer, Head Cannon, Missle pods, Built-in Modem, and Common-sense computer banks. Several various other mechanisms are yet to be seen.


Bio: A robot detective created by Billy Bookman (a.k.a Superfluous Sleuth) , B.E.E.B.L.E.S. was designed to be the Watson to Billy's Sherlock Holmes. On occasion, B.E.E.B.L.E.S. will engage on mysteries without his creator, and apprehend criminals. He is constantly critical and sarcastic, but also the voice of true logic.


Real Name: UNKOWN

Nickname: "My Little Green Friend"

Occupation: Team Heavy Hitter


Abilities: Astounding super strength. Super Sonic flight. Near-inpenatrable skin.

All of these abilities makes Super Fabulous Frog the team's biggest asset when

threats become to big and unsurmountable. HE is not invulnerable however, and

can get stunned with a well-timed swat. HE can be revived by returning him to his

homepond and his Lilipad of Solace.


Bio: Born in a small lonely pond with hundreds of brothers and sisters, his mother made the misfortune of laying hereggs near a nuclear power plant. The waste and radiation from said plant polluted the pond, killing all the eggs except for SFF, although not super or fabulous yet. He hatched and grew from tadpole to full grown frog in a matter of days instead of weeks, showing much resilience. However, he longed for company, and moved from his nuclear waste pond to the swamp in search of other frogs. However, when there, a local frog catcher came to the swamp and captured SFF along with many other frogs. He was soon thrust into a large jar of formaldehyde. The chemicals mixed with his radioactive blood, causing him to become Super Fabulous Frog. He then broke free of the jar, also setting free his swamp brethren. Using his new powers, he takes out the frog catcher. SFF now takes it upon himself to rid the city of frog catchers and crime!







Real Name:   Matt Marshalls

Nickname:    Custodian of tha' Streetz

Occupation:  Community liason and Aspiring Emcee


Abilities: Matt really isn't trained in any hand-to-hand combat, but he can twirl a broomhandle with precision. Operates a standard street cleaner vehicle. Has poor lyrical skills. He has an amazing ego.


Bio: A high school drop-out by choice, Matthew felt he needed to “keeps it on tha riz-eal” just like his Hip-Hop idols and reject education offered by “The System”. Motivated by the need “to gets paid”. Turning to selling lame mix tapes of his rhymes, Matthew was constantly referred to as the “garbage of tha streetz” by his community. After his father meets a tragic death at the hands of a former hip-hop rival “Trash-talkah”, Matthew inherits his fathers’ street cleaner and fights crime on the level of all filth while still honing his wack-ass rhymes, as The Street Sweepah!



Real Name: Corina "Cookie" Brown

Nickname: The Homebaked Heroine

Occupation: Costumed Avenger


Abilities: Lacking any true self defense skills, Cookie's inept ability to bake edible

pastries unlike her famous father, as given creation to her unintended weaponry:

Her cookie disks of death. Given that Cookie was athletic in highschool, especially

in softball and frisbee, she has a mean arm. That combined with her baked "goods",

she can dispatch the toughest of advesaries.


Bio: Growing up as the daughter of a publicly known business man Chip Brown, Corina was exposed to the inner workings of the baking industry. She spent much of her spare time following her father around as he inspected his factory, ensuring that his delicious brand of baked goods passed his standards. So when her father unexpectedly met his end, she was even less prepared to take on the family business. Instead of Chip Brown's soft, chewy-gooey chocolate chip cookies, Corina's batch always came out hard like cement. Frustrated, She set out to find justice for her father's killer, the only way she felt she could make him proud. Using her concrete cookies as weapons, she delivers her own flavor of justice. With her chocolate chop! cookies, she is known to the city as Cookie Brown!



Real Name: Maurice Masterstroke

Nickname: The High-Pitched Hero

Occupation: Team Tactician


Abilities: Maurice not only has the physique and tactics of a linebacker, but his main offensive weapon is his whistle-head,

that can emit a glass shattering, high-pitch frequency capabale of deafening people up to a 4 mile radius. At different pitches, he can stun criminals, rattle their teeth or even cause them to lose conciousness.


Bio: A once-celebrated college football coach, Maurice fell from grace when he abused his position of power often and was relieved of his esteemed profession. His life ruined, Maurice rampages on a self-destructive path. After a night of binge-drinking, Maurice awakens the next morning with a hangover and a whistle for a head! How did this happen?








Real Name: Billy Bookman

Nickname: The Smartest Smart Guy who ever Sleuthed!

Occupation:  Trivial Detective


Abilities: Superfluous Sleuth has no real super powers to speak of. He does have a knowledge that can only be derived from reading every single book in a public library. With this knowledge, he uses it to solve mysteries and fight crime!


Bio: Billy Bookman was a fourteen-year-old boy still stuck in the first grade. Needless to say, he was not a very good student. Billy was determined to at least get into the second grade. So Billy studied! He studied every day after school in the Golden Megalopolis Public Library. One fateful Friday night, Billy had his head buried in books, reading about the Pilgrims and the Mayflower. He did not notice that the staff was leaving for the evening.

If being locked in a public library for the night wasn’t enough, it just so happened he was stuck there for a long holiday weekend! With nothing left to do, Billy decided to pass the time the only way available to him: he read! Not only did he read, but he read everything! Every book in the library was read by Billy! Now filled with all of this knowledge, Billy Bookman used his powers to fight crime as Superfluous Sleuth!







Real Name: Willis J. Johnson

Nickname: The Bionic Boogie Brutha

Occupation:  Tech Expert, Kung-Fu Bad-Ass, and Brobobot Pilot


Abilities: Willy Johnson's past remains a mystery, as does his telescoping bionic limbs and assorted weaponry. He is skilled at a black-belt level of karate and Jeet-Kun-Do. He has a natural instinct of piloting the Brobobot, his massive Super-Robot.


Bio: Willy became involved with the Pack while standing in line at the unemployment center in downtown Golden Megalopolis. When Evizzle Fo' Shizzle's Drizzones engaged the heroes, Willy gave a helping hand-er foot firing one of his "Pimp-Shoe-Kick" rockets and temporarily disabling the mechanical menace. As it turned out, Willy's uncle was collegues with Cookie Brown's father, whom both had been blackmailed to create said drizzones for Evizzle. WHen his Uncle perished from heart-attack-induced laughter, Willy swore to fight for justice in order, as his Uncle's last dying request.

The Poverty Pack are a misfit band of low-tier crime-fighters, detectives and superheroes, who have banded together for the sake of truth, justice and a desire to aquire money in order to fund their superhero careers. But in a city that faced a resession, and cataclysmic devastation (caused by them), our heroes are footed the calateral damage bill and face hardships tougher than any costumed criminal to defeat.


Although their roster may evolve over time, here are the core members that currently are known as the


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