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And now a word from our writer....

Hello everyone! So I was told that the website needs something new. Something fresh. Something to keep you guys visiting often. I get that. I mean, why come visit some page that doesn’t have something new to check on regularly? So, a blog was suggested to me. I like that idea. It gives me another way to talk to all of you. So let’s give this thing a shot!

So as I sit here getting ready to write this thing, I’m wondering what to blog about. There’s so much to talk about! Like, what are my political views? What do I think about the prices of gas? Will I be ordering desert with my dinner? I’m sure you’re all curious about what kind of toilet paper I use too! So much to write about! But I think I’m going to keep it pretty simple and blog about things that relate to our comics, Poverty Pack and Poverty Thrill Adventures, and other pop culture news. That seems to make the most sense to me.

So what is the first order of business? Let’s talk about you! That’s right, you! The person sitting at their computer or smartphone reading this blog. Clearly, you’re already familiar with the Afro Stache line of comics. Most likely, you’ve already read an issue or two or all of them. Maybe you really dig them or thing they’re incredibly stupid and juvenile. Whatever you may feel about them, you still took the time to read what we’ve created. That means something huge to me. So I want to say: Thank you! Thank you so very much!

Now some of you may be sitting there thinking, “I haven’t read a single thing from these yahoos!” Lies! Because if you got this far, you’ve read at least three paragraphs! Gotcha! But hey, at least you were interested enough to get this far. And to you, I say again: Thank you!

Derek and I create these comics because we love comics. We’ve been at this for close to seventeen years. Wow! Is that right? Yep! Whenever we get together, our biggest goal is to make each other laugh with our crazy ideas for this comic. And hopefully, you’ll be entertained with what we’ve come up with. We certainly don’t do this for the money, since we haven’t made any from it. We just do it for the love of the art form.

So one more time, I will say THANK YOU to all of you. Without fans, we’d be a couple of crazy guys in straitjackets. We value our fans and appreciate you! So the next time we’re at a convention or appearance somewhere and we’re lucky enough to get to meet you, I’d love to shake your hand and get to know each and every one of you.

So, enough with the sappy stuff. Next time, we’ll get geeky! Until then, be good each other and yourself! Ted

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