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Where did it all come from???

Hello fellow Poverty Packers! Welcome to another blog! And I’ve already run out of ideas to talk about! Just kidding!

So last time we talked, we talked about you. That was pretty fun. You guys are pretty cool to talk about. This time, let’s talk about me! Yep! I’m that self-centered! Kidding again! But I’m often asked where we get ideas for our stories and our characters. Where did you guys come up with your idea for your book? Good questions!

So a little history on Afro Stache Studios. Not too far back, because there’s stuff there we just don’t want to talk about. Something to do with lots of desire, bad ideas, too many cooks spoiling the book, and priests with illegal moonshine. Anyway, Derek and I had wanted to do a comic for a while. We tried this and that, but never coming up with anything completely solid. So we took a break from it all just to take a breath. Then we said, let’s just do a book that throws everything we love into it. We love superheroes, comedy, Blaxploitation movies, giant robot and giant monster movies. And thus, Poverty Pack was born!

I’d like to say we come up with some pretty unique characters that are fresh and original. And at the time of creation, they probably were. However, everything has been done before. I know this. I mean, Superfluous Sleuth is Sherlock Holmes with a need for a job and given a comedic slant. Sure, I created him back when I was still in high school. But that’s really what he is. Same with Super Fabulous Frog. He was a creation for a science extra credit project. He even had the red cape and “S” on his chest back then. I didn’t care about things like copyright! But I look back on him with a fondness that needed to be brought to Poverty Pack. So take off his Superman costume, give him a satin purple cape, and call him fabulous! Derek has some great stories for his childhood characters as well. Ask him about it sometime. And then when we collaborate on new characters for the book, we just come up with crazy silly ideas that make us laugh.

Now when it comes to stories, you’ll see we like to pay homage to the things that interested us when we were kids growing up. And when I say “growing up,” I’m often told I’m still in need of growing up. Growing old is mandatory, growing up is optional! Anyway, I’ve always enjoyed the spoof or parody. I’m a huge fan of Mel Brooks! Spaceballs is one of my favorites! So naturally, you’ll see many jokes and gags taken from other shows or movies.

By the way, if any celebrities are reading this, such as Eminem, we’re not making fun of your work. We really like it! We’re just paying homage to it!

Of course, we’d like to think we’ve come up with some pretty good original stories as well. Not everything is, and will be, a parody. We’ve got some good things cooking for you all! Hope you enjoy them!

So that will about wrap it up for this edition of the blog! Oh, by the way, we should probably come up with a clever name for the blog. We’ll have to work on that. So, until next time, be good to each other and to yourself!


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