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Hello all my reasonable residents! Welcome to another Fabulous Frog Blog!

So I will have to admit, Daylight Savings Time kicked my ass, badly! That’s why I wasn’t able to get a blog out to you readers last week. I apologize for that. I’m hoping that I’ve recovered from it. I think after a week, I’m back on schedule. Now let’s just hope I get the time to do more writing for all of you!

Anyway, I saw that Derek did a blog in place of mine about Whistle Man. It’s pretty good. I’ve known Derek since 1997, and I’ve gotten to know Whistle Man and the Golden Scarab. Awesome characters. I’m hoping you’re enjoying Whistle Man in Poverty Pack so far. I’m also hoping you all get to meet the Golden Scarab as well!

So I’m thinking I’ll take a cue for Derek’s blog. I think I’m going to talk to you about Superfluous Sleuth. I know, he looks like a copy of Sherlock Holmes. But I created him back in high school. I didn’t really care about copyright or original ideas. My buddy Joe was doing a comic because a teacher saw my last name and for some reason called me Shambo because it’s like Rambo. My buddy thought it was a great idea and started the one page comic. I really liked what he did and wanted to come up with something myself. So I came up with Super Sleuth because I wanted a smart character and because I was into MacGyver. Yeah, that’s right, I was into MacGyver.

His origin of how he became super intelligent is still the same as it is now. I won’t say how, only because that might ruin the issue of Poverty Thrill Adventures that will feature him for you. But anyway, back in high school, I thought it was pretty clever, but now I look at it as humorous. And I wasn’t an artist by any stretch of the imagination. So he looked like a cross between a Simpsons character and Sherlock Holmes.

But to be totally honest, I didn’t get into comic books and creating them seriously until after high school. Of course, I wanted to come up with serious plots and gritty characters that were edgy. I did come up with a bunch of ideas, but so far, none have reached publication. So when Derek and I came up with Poverty Pack, I thought the character was perfect and would fit in. So did Derek, thankfully.

However, after looking up Super Sleuth, there’s a board game and movie with the same name. So naturally, I hit the dictionary. Superfluous just seemed to make sense for Billy Bookman. He does seem to be more than sufficient.

Now when I’m asked, “If Poverty Pack is made into a movie, who would you want to play Superfluous Sleuth?” my answer is David Tennant. Yep, I’m a Doctor Who fan. So now, when I write his character, I keep thinking of him acting in the roll. And now that gives him even more life. Now, I’m not saying that a Poverty Pack movie will happen, but how cool would that be? Well, maybe it’s just me that would really like it. What do you think? Who should play Superfluous Sleuth?

Well, that’s about it for now. Thanks for letting me talk about the Sleuth! Until next time! Be good to each other and yourself!

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