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Frog Facts...

Hello again all of you Poverty Packers! I know, I’ve used that name before. Maybe we should have a contest or something as to what to call of you fans out there.

So last week I talked about creating Superfluous Sleuth. This time I think I’ll talk about Super Fabulous Frog. So Super Fabulous Frog started out as a junior high school project. We were dissecting frogs in the life science class.

So I created Super Frog for a comic. So I drew out this frog who saved a bunch of other frogs from being dissected. He even had a red and blue suit with the “S” on his chest. I didn’t care about copyrights. Heck, I didn’t even think I would use this character in any comic later. Let’s face it, he was just Superman as a frog!

So let’s flash forward a few years ahead to when Derek and I started talking about doing Poverty Pack. He starts bringing up characters from back when he was a kid. So I brought up Super Frog. Of course, now I had to think about copyrights. So we took off the super suit and just gave him a purple cape. All he says is, “Ribbit.” So what makes him “Fabulous?” Well, you’ll just have to wait to read his origin story.

But let’s just say it’s FAAAAAAAAAABULOUS!!! So that’s about it for this week. Thanks for letting me talk to you! Be good to each other and yourself!

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