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Humor is Hard!

Hello all of you cherished fans of the Pack! Welcome to another blog!

So let’s talk about comedy. Before I even had the idea of writing comic books, or even any kind of inkling to do any creative writing, I had heard that comedy writing is some of the most difficult kind of writing to do. Stand-up comedians have said it many times. I always thought that was a bunch of hogwash. That’s right, I said, “hogwash.” What is hogwash anyway? Anyway, I have always had a pretty good sense of humor. I like making others laugh. So when the idea for Poverty Pack came about, I thought, “how hard can it be?”

Really hard! Writing comedy wasn’t the breeze I thought it was going to be. The first attempts at Poverty Pack just wasn’t funny. Well, it was to me and Derek. But that was a whole lot of inside jokes and such. I mean, some of it was funny to a general audience. So of course re-writes were done and new directions taken.

Everything I’ve written before has always been serious. Dark stories with gritty heroes. Definitely for more mature readers. Surprisingly, that comes pretty easy for me. And there have been some pretty good plots that have come from that. Even had some comedic parts in there, but not a comedy story.

Then when putting together crazy characters for Poverty Pack, comedy was a natural choice to go with. I mean, can you imagine doing serious stories with those characters? I did get lucky that when coming up with backgrounds for the characters, plots just seem to write themselves!

Of course, there are a bunch of sources for advice on writing comedy, which I didn’t take advantage of until later. But definitely some really good advice on comedy writing. I think I’ve used some of it when doing my scripts for Poverty Pack and Poverty Thrill Adventures. At least I keep some of the advice in mind when coming up with gags and jokes.

So yeah, writing comedy is definitely difficult. I keep reading more advice and trying to incorporate in the scripts. Hopefully you will still like it and keep laughing!

So that’s about it for now. Thanks for letting me talk to you about laughing.

Be good to each other and yourself!

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