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BLACKlisted (or "oh no he didnt!")

So I read Ted's last blog, and I noticed is extremely defense of a certain winged character of color from a particular popular movie thats out right now (Go see it, it's phenomonal).

I found this a great opportunity to delve into the ideas that gave us creation to another character of the Poverty Pack roster: none other than Bryce Byrd himself, Black Pigeon!

Black Pigeon was actually a name my middle brother threw out years ago, as sort of a "poor man's Blue Falcon" who was to be a bumbling, out of shape street hero. As time went by, I took the idea and ran, with Ted's creative imput as well.

Now, for me, Black Pigeon is sort of the commentary on exactly why I feel that "certain winged character of color" is not as cool as everyone else thinks. Don't get it twisted: Anthony Mackie is a great actor, and he did for that character what Hugh Jackman did for another one-dimensional character: made them tolerable.

But our character is the underdog; he wants to do right for others. He has few abilities like Falcon, except he can't fly. He has no super strength. he's got "Pigeon pellets" and knows some form of martial arts. But he is righteous. But greatly misunderstood.

I think what makes me have little care for Falcon was that other than being Cap's sidekick is....what? He flies? he talks to birds? does that really help clean up the streets? Will that be great when Dr. Doom comes to town? He's the "Aquaman of the skies" as I like to say. Even Mego didnt know how to promote him! When they broadcast their commercials for their popular line of action dolls in the 70's, everyone had clever monnikers that described their abilities. Falcon gets "The great black superhero!". Yes, I can see that, but what does he do???? I understand it was the 70's...and that meant everything, and it should speak to me for obvious reasons, but screw wings and that Earth, Wind, & fire get-up...I want Iron Man's suit!

When the creation of Aphro Physt came about I only had names, Ted wrote their personalities and abilities, and my talented cousin Reginald Augustine gave them visual flair that exceeds any of those sad costumes back then, but still keeping a tone that is perfectly resonant from that era as well. Although I credit Marvel with not going overboard with the names (ahem, Black Lightning or Black Vulcan...or whatever DC likes to call him), we still got characters of color in some pretty ugly costumes.

Anyways, back to ol' Bryce. If you haven't read Poverty Thrill Adventures #3 (illustrated by Reginald Augustine), You can see that there is a tone to that story that highlights that idea back in the 70's that all you needed was declare your color and that was good enough. It was a time to be proud of who you were.

So I guess in closing, it's not that I hate Falcon (it's such a strong word), I just felt like maybe he was a blatant attempt to cater to a certain demographic with no actual "umpf" to him. Cap's demographic is America...but he's got his super strength and a slick shield he can bounce of 'dat ass. He commands respect.

Sorry, Falcon. I wouldn't even kiss Ted's ass with your lips!

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