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MUST wear shades (because the future is so very bright)

Welcome back all you Poverty Packers and Afro Stache-ites! Another Frog Blog is upon us! So last time we talked about the San Diego Comic Con! Wow! I can’t believe that was two weeks ago! The experience has impacted me so much, I’m still reeling from it. And the best thing is, we have been planning on so much cool stuff to come!

“What is that cool stuff?” I hear you ask! Well, if I told you, then there wouldn’t be a surprise for any of you fine fans when we do get to next year! Let’s just say we’ve got exclusives and stuff planned out for you guys!

I’ve got to also tell you, we’ve got some great things coming your way when it comes to the actual comics too. When Derek and I first started doing Poverty Pack, we just went to town on ideas. When the idea came for us to actually do this comic, we both had a duel. No, we didn’t fight it out. One day, at our jobs, he sent me an email for a plot idea to use to the Poverty Pack. I thought it was really good. But not to be outdone, I came up with another plot idea and sent it back to him. And we just went back and forth with the plot ideas. And we still have them! And yes, we intend to use them!

Now I’m going to talk a little about writing. Don’t worry, it’s just a little bit, so I won’t (hopefully) bore you to death. One of my favorite literary devices is foreshadowing. You know, that little hint or clue a writer gives to you at the beginning of a story and you see it again at the end. They use it in movies all the time. Even in Of Mice and Men they use it. Remember when Candy’s dog was shot because most of the men thought it was no good to anyone? Candy said that he should have shot his dog himself. And then at the end of the book/movie (spoiler alert) George shot Lennie in the back of the head after he accidentally killed Curly’s wife. Yeah, that’s foreshadowing, buddy! Love that stuff!

Anyway, I’ve seen some of that in comics too. I love it! So I was thinking of how I can use it in our comics. So now I’m referring back to what I said earlier about our plot ideas. So just as a mini spoiler, all of our story arcs will lead up to something huge! And I am so excited about it! I hope you are too!

That’s not all, too! We still are working on Poverty Thrill Adventures. New issues are just about done and will be coming out soon! And we’ve got so much planned, like the origins of the rest of the Poverty Pack. I mean, who doesn’t want to read about them? But what about after that? We’ve decided to use Poverty Thrill Adventures as our solos title. What does that mean? Instead of giving each character their own solo book, which would be awesome, but we don’t want to have you all trying to keep up with a bunch of books. So we’re going to keep solo stories in Poverty Thrill Adventures. And believe me, have we got some cool stories coming up in there!

And new characters too! I think we have enough character ideas to do a Poverty Pack West Coast! Or whatever fake city we come up with that’s on the west coast.

Whew! And that’s not all of it either! But when those plans come closer to being, I will definitely let you all know, or tease you with! So until next week, be good humans to each other!

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