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Hello again, all you incredible Afro Stachers! Welcome to another Fabulous Frog Blog!

So I’m wasting away my day on Facebook, as I usually do, and I see an article for a reboot of the movie The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. I give an audible sigh as I click on the link to read the article. So it seems that the new movie is going to be female-centric, focusing on a female led league. I have no problem with this. In the original comics, the League was led by Mina Murray/Harker. And I loved the comics. And I have no problem with if they decided to go with an all-female cast, like they did with the new Ghostbusters movie. What I’m tired of is Hollywood’s trend towards the reboot!

Another reboot Hollywood has planned is Xena. Guess who’s playing Xena? Lucy Lawless wants to. Hey, that’s great! But why a reboot? Why can’t you do the continuing adventures? Now, I never watched Xena in its entirety. I’ve seen a few episodes here and there because my mom liked watching it (which makes sense because my mom really liked Army of Darkness). So I don’t know what happened to Xena at the end of the series. Did she die? Get lost? Get married? I guess I could look it up, but that’s too much effort. No matter how it ended, I don’t think a reboot would be necessary. A good writer can figure out how to work around a finalizing ending.

I mentioned Ghostbusters earlier. I loved the original. And now there’s an all-female cast already filming the reboot. All of them are great and funny actors. And yeah, I’ll be right there in the theater when it comes out. I’m excited for it. I know that Hollywood has been trying for another sequel to the original for a while, but apparently they can’t seem to get their act together to make it happen. Plus, with the passing of Harold Ramis, I don’t know if it would be the same.

So Fantastic Four just came out. Another reboot! Now, I had no problem with the original two movies. They were definitely fun family movies. Did they stray from the comics? Yeah, of course. But that’s OK, most comic book movies do.

Spider-Man! Its reboot was The Amazing Spider-Man!

Batman Begins?! Man of Steel?! OK, I’ll admit, those reboots were good, almost necessary to get the bad taste of the Burton/Schumacher Batman movies and the Singer Superman Returns movie out of my mouth.

I know there are a bunch of other reboot movie and television ideas out there. But I guess the point it that I am sick of the reboots. It’s the quick and easy, and in my opinion, lazy way to fix a horrible movie franchise. It’s true that some were terrible and need to be fixed, but can’t they just fix them with more sequels? A good writer would know how to fix a movie, or tv, series to make it better. Look at Highlander! That’s right, I said Highlander. Remember that movie franchise? The first one was great! Then they came out with the sequel. That one was so awful that I can’t forget it no matter how hard I try! Hollywood knew it was bad. So what did they do? They said, “we’re going to make a third one, but eff that second movie. We’re going to act like it never existed.” That kind of attitude made me laugh, but it worked. Now I’m not saying Hollywood should do exactly that. But with the magic “Reboot” button, that’s exactly what it seems like they’re doing. Just figure out a way to keep going, even if they go in a different direction with plot, setting, or tone. That’s what they do in the comics anyway. At least they did when I was reading them.

Now, that being said, Afro Stache Studios will be rebooting all of our titles. Poverty Pack will be rebooted and called Stone Broke Squad. Oh, and Poverty Thrill Adventures will be called This is a Stick-Up, Give Me Your Wallet Adventures.

OK, yeah, kidding!

That’s about it for this week! Talk to you all again next time! Be good to each other!

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