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I Mustache your opinion...

Greetings again to all of you Afro Stachers! Thank you for joining me with another Super Fabulous Frog Blog! Another week has gone by, and we’re ready to rock!

So I was looking over some of the previous blogs and I had to take a cue from one of Derek’s blog posts. He talked about celebrity afros! Well, we are Afro Stache, so I’m taking it upon myself to rate the best celebrity mustaches!

But before we get into the nitty gritty of it all, we should probably have some sort of rules for the rating of such epic mustaches. First of all, I am aware of the contests for those with incredible mustaches and how they look awesomely incredible!

I mean, how cool is that? But I won’t be judging those. I’m talking celebrities here! Also, since we’re talking mustaches, that’s all that I want. No one with a mustache and beard or goatee is allowed! That’s right! Get out! Also, we’re going with real people, not characters. I know Ron Burgundy and Yosemite Sam have some pretty epic staches, but they won’t make the cut. And finally, I want to see pictures, and by that, I mean photographs, not drawings or depictions. Yeah, I’m pretty strict! So onto the staches!

First up: Errol Flynn!

Sure, the stache itself doesn’t scream “awesome!” But look at the man himself with the stache! I mean, he was Robin Hood, in tights, and he was still manly! So this may be a question of does the mustache make the man, or does the man make the mustache? Does it really matter? Bam! He’s all man! We should all aspire to be like him!

Next: Rollie Fingers

I’ll be honest, I’m not into baseball. But from what I understand, Rollie was the first to bring back the waxed handlebar mustache to baseball. So kudos for you, Rollie!

Third up: Wyatt Earp

Good God! Look at that stache! It’s big! It’s bushy! You can’t see his lips, for crying out loud! I couldn’t grow a mustache like that even if I tried! And believe me, I have tried! Not only was he a lawman of the wild west, but little did he know, he became a mustache trendsetter! And I’ve got to say, Kurt Russell nailed it in Tombstone!

Fourth one up: Clark Gable

Another star of the classic silver screen right here! Truly a man’s man, like Errol Flynn! And I’m pretty sure he and his mustache don’t really give a damn!

Who now? Friedrich Nietzsche

Friedrich Nietzsche was a philosopher, poet, composer, and scholar. Yeah, we know all that. But look at that stache! That enters a room long before he does!

Who’s next? Mark Twain

A famous author who wrote many pieces of work. Most notably was The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn and The Adventures of Tom Sawyer. I’m not here to debate or argue content of the books. I’m here to talk about the man’s mustache! I’m sure that soup catcher has many flavors saved within its whiskers!

Finally, we’ve got: Tom Selleck

OK, many of us first saw Tom Selleck in Magnum P.I. So have I. And I will admit, he’s got a great mustache in that. But then I saw Quigley Down Under. Yes, I have a fondness for Australia, so that movie holds a special place in my heart. But I think that Mr. Selleck’s stache in that movie is far more epic in the one in Magnum P.I.

But that’s only my opinion.

So who has the most epic mustache? Perhaps I’m forgetting one. Maybe I’m a little biased, but here at Afro Stache, we do have a character named the Stache, who is modeled after Tom Selleck’s Magnum P.I. So I believe that Tom wins hands down!

So that’s about it for me for this fun blog entry this week. Maybe you have another idea of who should win most epic mustache. I’d love to hear from you! So until next week, be good to each other!

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