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The Derek Theory, or "The Iron Man Live Action Show in the 80's you didn't know you wer

I try to keep my blogs connected to our own books as much as possible. But often times I have to go to the fanboy side and geek out about the things that put me in this toturous position of drawing comics in the first place.

One of those things was Iron Man. A comic I read quite often in the mid to late 80's and sporadically afterwards. Thing is, everyone jumped on Iron Man's dick after the movie came out, but before that, nobody really gave him much love except us comic afficianados. I always thought he had a cool suit because A: No cape, and B: no underpants (Unless you want to consider his red one-piece "Iron Pants"). Yep, my boy Tony Stark was too cool for cloth get-ups and rocked a suit of armor (as you should, when facing dangerous criminals. Hell, Batman even followed suit [see what I did there?] eventually).

Anyways, the dream of ever seeing Iron Man getting a silver screen treatment seemed as likely as the US ever getting a black president back then, and so I had to cast my own Tony Stark in my mind, when I read his dialogue. What's funny is, the guy I thought of was already playing him on TV!

The hell you say! The only Marvel TV shows were from the 70's and it was just The Incredible Hulk, the not-so incredible Spider-Man, Crapptain America and a blink and you'll-wish-you-kept-your-eyes-closed Dr. Strange TV Movie.

Ah, but the clever veil was there. And it was not called "Iron Man". It was called:


Now before you spit your drink at your monitor, I am about to present my case to you all.

Above is a picture of Tony Stark. Or is it Magnum?

Wait! Who is this guy???

Involved in the Vietnam War, both men come back and use their resources to help those in need. Operating from a wealthy estate, which is under the care of :

Jarvis?? wait! That's Higgins!

There! thats more like it! So as I was saying, Tom Selle- er, Tony Stark (Same initials! Zoiks! ) help others all while operating a shiny red machine that transports them around.

BOTH ARE PRETTY SLEEK. So both of these guys often get them selves in a bind, and often have to depend on their best friend, who happens to be black, with a military background and a helicopter pilot:

James Rhodes and T.C., Muthafuckas!

And while they tight like that, they've also been known to have their differences:

"So wait..." You ask. "There's still that one random 'other' dude. Who's he supposed to be?

Are you reffering to Orville Wilbur Richard "Rick" Wright?

...Or "Happy" Hogan?

That's open for interpretation.

So there it is. My cast for my Iron Man live action movie had already assembled and we didn't even know it. Clever, Hollywood! CLEVER.


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